Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reflections on 2007

Just a few photos here - I had typed a poignant post but accidentally lost it, and now I'm pissed. So just enjoy the pics!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007

"Jesus, Make the Wheeel!"

I am notorious for getting words wrong in popular songs. For a long time, I though that Eagles song was "You can't hide those lion (lyin') eyes." I could name twenty more instances.

Our daughter Stella may prove to be just as bad. Her favorite song is "Jesus, Take the Wheel." Make the wheel, that is. Not only was Jesus a carpenter, he may have had a degree in mechanical engineering. Roll over, Archimedes!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Help Me Prove I'm Not an Idiot - Buy My ----!

So my buddy at the charity auction says, "You really need to bid on some of these collectibles. I mean, they are going for a fraction of what they are selling for on eBay!" So I talked to Marian and she said, "Go for it." We went a little over our budget: I ended up buying 9 of the things.


Here's one:

This is the Starbucks Cafe. It's pretty neat. But I don't drink coffee anymore. This is a stinging reminder of that fact. Do I really want it lighting up my holidays?

So I put them all on eBay - all 9. No one has bid on them (though a few are watching the bidding and might just jump in at the last minute...?)

Please prove I was not an idiot. Go on eBay and buy these things. They are in great shape, with original slip covers. They will light up the lives of all your collecting friends and family this holiday season. I promise!

Giving Up "Koobe"

Koobe (sounds like "co-pay") is the Gilbertese word for "coffee." When we found our dog on our island, we named him Koobe (spelling it Kope) because of his coffee-colored coat. Kope is a terrific dog and most people who like dogs and meet him agree. He has his moments, but all-in-all he's very obedient and loving - and clean. He's had, oh, one accident in his 6-year life.

When my uncle died in the States unexpectedly, he was there for me to hug on. He's a great running companion and stellar watchdog. He's tolerant of our girls, though he does snap at Stella when she pulls his tail (I don't blame him!)

Perfect dog. And as recently as three weeks ago, we were looking to give him away.

I've always been allergic to dogs - Kope included. So I naturally looked to him as part of the cause for me coughing and choking through much of 2007. Dusty buildings, yes. Mold in the basement. Certainly. An area of the country known for the largest diversity of flora in North America. Of course. But the only thing I could change easily was to find a new home for the dog.

And I did feel terrible. Choking on your own phlegm a few dozen times a day is a terrible way to exist. It wears you out - and it sounds really gross. I was reminded of my grandfather, a chain smoker most of his life. I've never smoked, ever.

It was strange that this should happen NOW. I mean, we've lived here over 4 years. Why now? I chalked it up to cumulative allergies. My body just couldn't take it anymore. My doctor prescribed a nasal spray - expensive, and not very effective. My worst coughing happened in the morning, right after using the spray.

So we identified several potential homes for Kope within our circle of family and friends. None panned out. We were having to consider strangers. Terrible.

And then something happened. I did one thing, and everything immediately got better.

I stopped drinking coffee. Not just regular, but decaf, too. I did it on a whim after a road trip in which I drank a lot of coffee and felt really terrible.

The coughing and choking stopped. After a couple of weeks, I thought I'd try to drink decaf -- big mistake. And on my birthday I tried half a cup of the real stuff - to almost immediate disasterous reaction.

It's too bad, because I really love coffee. I only started drinking it with any regularily about two years ago - which might account for that delayed reaction.

But I'd rather give up coffee than the dog named for coffee. I'll live without it. But Kope is here to stay.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

20 (boring) tidbits about me

So I secretly read all of my friends' friends' blogs, and one that I checked recently had this post. Even though I don't know this person, it was still fun to read, so I thought I'd do one too - and I've been having major blog writer's block lately. Or maybe just major sleep deprivation.

So here goes:

1. I always thought I would get married when I was 29 and not have kids until mid-thirties or so. I've been married 7 years now, have 2 kids, and just turned 30 this year.

2. When we were Peace Corps volunteers in the Gilbert Islands, we listened to various animals (chickens and pigs, primarily) being killed daily. It quickly became just part of our lives there.

3. I have had salmonella and dengue fever, and when I came home from overseas, I had five parasites living in my gut.

4. My dad died of cancer just four years ago. I found out I was pregnant with Stella 2 weeks after he died.

5. I love cloudy, rainy days in the mountains.

6. I don't think either of my daughters look like me.

7. I hate birds.

8. I also hate animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets especially - anything vermin-y like that.

9. I am a complete OCD neat freak - everything must have its place, which doesn't happen much with two little kids in the house. I've really had to dig deep to embrace the chaos.

10. Some of my best friends are from elementary school.

11. I dream of building a green-built home with environmentally friendly features - solar panels, radiant floor heating, bamboo floors, etc. etc.

12. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be New Zealand.

13. I love country music. I also love hip-hop. Stella and I have our own rendition of SexyBack by Justin Timberlake - I've GOT to get that on videotape.

14. I love to cook.

15. I look forward to working for our company when these kids start school.

16. I want another baby. Yes, Meg's not even 4 months old.

17. My favorite clothing store is Old Navy.

18. I HATE hot weather. I wouldn't want to live anywhere warmer than here. Summer temps around here hover around 80 degrees.

19. Swimming laps is my favorite exercise. Not that I've done it in a while, but I love to do it.

20. I don't really like holiday decorating.

So there. Send me yours too!