Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jessica Alba Stares at Me

Every now and then there's a SPAM subject line that cracks me up. Is it possible that someone can be a stalker while being simultaneously paranoid that the stalkee is stalking right back? "Jessica, stop staring at me! Go get your own star obsession!"

What if stars hired paparazzi to photograph the paparazzi, following them in their personal lives and making them living hells? Why not?

Marian, it's okay to blog about how crummy you feel.

Fortunately, while Marian was blogging I was at Eaglenest Entertainment about a mile away filming Percy Sledge. Percy is from Leighton, Alabama, about 12 miles from where I grew up in Florence. He gave a great concert, and I highly recommend you take the leap and hear him tonight (Saturday). He's great! We were able to talk a little bit after the show and he told me that his boyhood home (and his grandmother's) burned down recently, stymieing his plans to create a museum to his music.

He also reminded me that when a man loves a woman, he lets her sleep in on a Saturday!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fri. night blues

Am I Debbie Downer or what?

I'm feeling low for two, no three, reasons right now. The first is simply me being a baby because I don't feel so well. Scratchy throat, achy, and just so freaking exhausted. I mean, why am I so tired, seriously. Do I have chronic fatigue syndrome? Any hour of the day I could go lie down and just pass out. It may have to do with my 5:15 am waking baby, even though Eric usually gets up with her and distracts her until the first number on the clock is a six so he can bring her to me to nurse. Opening your eyes before six am is pure torture, isn't it?

It also has to do with the fact that I'm still nursing Meg, and I'm quite frankly kind of over it. I know that sounds so horrible mom, but the fact is at this point it's more of a routine than a real nutritional benefit for her. She loves people food and can drink from a cup pretty well. And for me, until I'm completely done with nursing, I don't truly feel back to myself again. I guess I'm just ready to feel normal again.

Second reason I'm down is that two of our best friends are moving. First are Jeff and Laura, who sold their house for CASH in two weeks and are leaving in a month to travel the world. I know, poor guys. We are so excited for them, maybe envious is more like it, but they've become good friends here, and we really hate to see them go.

Also, Tracy and Ben and their kids Noa and Eli are leaving in a month, and this one sucks too. We hang out with them a lot - our kids play together so well and the adults do too - so it's going to be very strange to not have them to call. I don't even want to think about it.

And then, the third and most significant reason that I'm feeling sad tonight is because we lost a friend a few days ago. He was 35 and our dentist, and he died in a motorcycle accident. We went to his funeral yesterday - he leaves behind a wife and four year old son...he was an awesome dentist and just so full of life, funny and fun too. I remember him having to leave quickly after cleaning Eric's teeth once b/c he had to get to a Beastie Boys concert. Of course that made me love him.

So there, what a great way to start off your weekend...seriously, I do hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! That's it from here...oh, go give a shout out to my best friend at her new blog site here.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No excuses

I mean, I could think of some excuses for not blogging, but they wouldn't sound very believable...but somebody give me props for doing it now.

Life around here has been stressful lately, because our life and our business are really one in the same. Gosh there are so many great things about being your own boss - flexibility, not having to answer to anyone, satisfaction that all this hard work is a good investment. I believe that there are more plusses than minuses to this whole thing, for sure. The highs are really high.

Which in turns means the lows are really low. The economy is having a negative effect on every business out there. People just aren't spending money like they have been - us included - but that means that we're not doing as much work as we'd like. We have tons of prospects, just not too many that have actually signed on the dotted line.

This has been such a roller coaster for us. Since we came back from Peace Corps five years ago, we've yet to feel truly secure in our professions, and adding two kids to the mix doesn't exactly make things easier. That said, we're still surviving, and I am thankful for a husband that wants this to work so badly so we can have the quality of life that we want. Which is time together and with the girls, with a little money for the occasional Chick Fil-A sandwich that we crave on road trips.

Now kid updates: Stella is really asserting her independence lately, and she's become sort of sassy. This is not cute, people. Like when I say, "Stella, don't talk to me like that," she'll say, "Don't talk to ME like that." What do I do with this? Part of me wants to laugh and part of me wants to slap her. Of course I try not to do either.

Meg is 9 months old and screaming in her crib as I type this. Oh well. She has one tooth, smiles a lot, and has no interest whatsoever in crawling. She still likes to be held ALOT but has warmed up to strangers talking to her now.

We're headed to Eric's parents house in a few weeks for a visit and to have our family photographed by Erin. So excited about that!

OK, must tend to the needy hussy now. Hope all of you are well.