Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Great Minds Think Alike

So neither Eric nor I blog for three weeks, and we both decide to post something today!

So like he said below, we are slowly coming out of our fog and adjusting to the two kids thing. We just got back from a week in Alabama so Meg could meet her namesake, Eric's grandmother Margie (who was born Marjorie, like our Meg). Here they are, assuming the finger-as-a-pacifier position that Meg loves so much:

She also had good time with other family members. Here she is with Eric's sister Katy and his dad Keith:

Poor Stella, on the other hand, spent the week at her grandparents house sick as a dog. She had a cold, which turned into a nasty cough, fever, and eventual ear infection. But she's on the mend now, back to her JAR (acronym for Just Ain't Right, thanks to my sister in law Katy) self.

Fall is FINALLY here in the mountains, and it's beautiful. Weather still isn't that cold yet, but the leaves are beginning to change. Here are a few shots from our neighborhood:

We also had our 7th anniversary on Sunday. We decided to pretend like it wasn't that day, though, as we were driving two kids back from Alabama to NC that day, which quite possibly is the least romantic event on earth. Hopefully we'll be able to do something together this weekend.

Here are a few final shots of our girls and their tummy time. As you can tell, Meg despises it.

That's it for tonight - gotta grab sleep when I can. Love!

A Country Long Heard From

We've had some decent sleep of late, but not so decent that we're finding the time to blog that we'd like.

Stella is saying some funny things - "you had to be there" kinds of things, so they are hard to write about. I'm just glad I'm "there."

Meg is about as cute a baby as one will ever find. And she has a smile that is exaggerated on the right side of her face, a lot like her late grandpa Carl. If she's anything like him, she is going to be a fun-loving person, to be sure!

Marian is such a trooper when it comes to breast-feeding. I admire her more every day.

Me? Who cares! I'm working hard but having fun, too. That's all one can ask, right?

Monday, October 01, 2007

WNBA, here we come

Stella had her 3 year old well-kid doc visit today, and he predicts that this child will be 5'11'' when she's grown! She is in the 96th percentile in height, taller than most 4 year olds.

Now I know what Eric and I will live off of in our old age. Her professional basketball salary.