Saturday, April 04, 2009


Long before Disney popularized the place, I'd wanted to visit Madagascar. A tour of the Lemur Center at Duke University only strengthened that desire.

I learned a bit more about the place from two Presbyterian Missionaries from Raleigh named Dan and Elizabeth Turk. They are truly down-to-earth - quite literally in Dan's case, as he's a soil scientist. Elizabeth works with village women to improve their health outcomes. They do not match the stereotype of "converting the natives" and telling them to wear more clothes.

The country had a coup recently, and the old president had to flee the country. Hate that sort of thing, but it's pretty standard stuff the world over.

I bring it up because our friends the Schmerkers are traveling the world and talking about going there. I'm really jealous, but I hope they can do it. They take really good photos and blog well at

A bit of Larson trivia: Marian's birthstone is sapphire, and the blue sapphire for her engagement ring likely came from Madagascar.

Here is a good blog about the country.

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