Monday, April 06, 2009

The Perfect Day

Yesterday had it all:

Beautiful weather, including a trip to the park where folks were flying kites. Meg loved watching the kites while Stella chased a friend around in a wide expanse of dark green grass think as shag carpet.

Healthy and happy aforementioned kids.

Eric and Marian not stressed about money for the first time in nearly 5 years.

A Highland Brewing Company medley of beers. Marian had the Black Mocha Stout. Eric had a St. Theresa's Pale Ale (I can't drink a pale ale often, but every now and then it's very fine).

Time on our porch, the best reason for owning this house.

An "everything" bagel at Breuggher's, toasted, with honey-walnut cream cheese.

No war. No deranged shooters along our day's journey. No terminal disease that we know of ruining our day.

It really was our little bit of heaven on Earth. And it makes me want to help others achieve this kind of life - if only for a day!


kwall said...

finally some new posts!!!

Jeff said...

Hey -- we definitely want to email the folks in Madagascar. Can you email their address? Thanks!

shelli said...

I think it's so great how you guys find such gratitude in the simple things. I'm so there with you on that. Your vignette on the does sound like heaven. I love it.

when are you guys going to write some more?
My niece Alyssa just started a blog and she's looking for a following. She started writing a book (very ambitious 14 year old). If you're interested in reading some good shit...first read MY blog and then check out her link from my page!!!!
Love and miss you both! Muah!